Return to the Mother World


Emmi Mutale

It is time to remember and re-awaken the old ways, the ancient ways of being and knowing, so that the new can be born from something that is sacred and wise.

This speaker series is for you if You…

You know deep in your bones that there’s a better way of co-existing on this precious planet of ours
You can sense the shift in the collective energies as the Divine Feminine rises
You are deeply committed to Mother Earth and her wellbeing
You are looking for empowering and inspiring ways to navigate these tremendous times of change
You have heard the whispers of the Great Mother and are ready to take sacred action

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Meet Your Host

Emmi Mutale
Hi, I’m Emmi! I’m an intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner and a shamanic womb priestess, dedicated to re-awakening ancient feminine wisdom and lifting the frequency on our planet one womb at a time.

It is my greatest wish that this speaker series enables you to feel held by and deeply connected to the Great Mother, and that you receive womb-loads of blessings, hope, guidance, support and inspiration for your journey as you navigate these times of change and transition.

Previous summits

Return to the Mother World: Ancient Feminine Wisdom in Times of Transition

This gathering is all about re-awakening the Mother World, honouring the ways of the old, and supporting a global shift in consciousness towards love and unity.

It contains over 25 uplifting and heart-warming interviews, powerful meditations, blessings, and activations, as well as inspiring guidance for these times of change.

You can have forever access to the recordings of the interviews, ceremonies, and healing workshops for just Euro 77.

Return to the Mother World: Ancient Feminine Rites and Rituals

In this gathering, we remember and honour ancient feminine rites and rituals that have been largely forgotten and find ways for integrating these rituals into the present day.

You have access to 13 potent interviews that challenge the mainstream narrative around rites of passages for birth, menstruation, and death and that evoke a deep sense of hope, inspiration and celebration that will support you on your journey.

You can have forever access to the recordings of the interviews, ceremonies, and healing workshops for just Euro 77.


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